Catherine KELLARD
Father John KELLARD b.c. 18274 m.c. 18505 d. 18856
Mother Maria aka Mary SLATTERY7 b.c. 18328 m.c. 1850 d. 18899
Sister Annie KELLARD b.c. 185310 m. 188211 Edward J. HAMPSON d. 190412
Inmate Catherine aka Kate KELEARD b.c. 185413 m. 1881 (see below) d. 192314
Brother John KELLEARD15 b.c. 185616 m. 190017 Amelia DILLON d. 190418
Sister Maria KELLARD b.c. 185819 m. d.
Sister Margaret KELLARD b.c. 186020 m. d.
Sister Ellen aka Nellie KELLARD b.c. 186221 m. 190022 William WARREN d. 191123
Sister Bridget Jane aka Jane KELLARD b. m. 188624 Henry Wallace McKINNON25 d. aft. 1918
Sister Johanna KELARD26 b. 186727 m. d.
Sister Elizabeth Emma KELLARD b. 187428 m. 189329 Robert DONALDSON d. aft. 1911
Husband (1) unknown b. m. d.
Husband (2) Christopher FAGAN b. m. 188130 d. 192831
Daughter Mary A. KELLARD b. 188132 m. none - d. 188233
Son John FAGAN b. m. d. 190434
Relationship Name Age Height Hair Eyes Complexion Build Distinguishing features
Brother John35 26 5' 5" or 6" dark stout thick dark moustache
Inmate Catherine36 26 5' 6" brown fresh medium slightly pockmarked; wearing a white dress, black dolman and white hat

Note: KELLARD is the spelling most often used for family records and by descendants so this is the spelling adopted here.

Catherine was brought before the Sydney Court on 28 January 1870, under the Industrial Schools Act. Her father, recorded as John KELEARD, stated that she was about thirteen years of age and for the past six months had been in the habit of associating with prostitutes. John had instituted the proceedings to have Catherine arrested because on the Wednesday of the last week, she had gone to look for a situation, didn’t return home and the next time he saw her was the previous morning in a house of ill-fame.37 Catherine was admitted to Newcastle on 3 February 1870, under the name KILLARD.38 Her details appear in the missing section of the Entrance Book so no family, education, religion or discharge details can be confirmed from this source. Because Catherine left the school before the transfer lists were compiled, neither her age or religion can be ascertained from this record. While the newspapers indicate that she was 13, she was identified at the time of her arrival as having been born in 1854 so had almost certainly been arrested illegally under the act as she was very probably already 16.39 It is almost certain that Catherine was Catholic as gaol records for her brother, John, identify that this was his religion.40

On 24 March 1871, shortly after the change of superintendents and about a month before the transfer of the school to Biloela, Catherine was released into the care of her mother.41 While a release to her mother would have required considerable paperwork, none has yet been identified in the CSIL. This may be because they have not been located due to the wide variations in the spelling of Catherine's surname but it is considered more likely that as she left Newcastle during the first turbulent weeks of the superintendency of George LUCAS and he was very involved in quelling the riots and was less conscientious with completing paperwork.

No details of Catherine's life have been uncovered between March 1871 and the time she married. As Kate KILLIARD, she married Christopher FAGAN on 10 June 1881, shortly after this birth. They were married in the Presbyterian Church in Paddington by Ja. MILNE. Christopher was recorded as Christ FAGAN on the NSW BDM Index. No place of birth or parents names were recorded on the marriage registration but Catherine's sister, Anney[sic] KELLARD, was one of the witnesses. The birth of the child, Mary A. KELLARD, whose parents were identified on the NSW BDM Index as John and Kate, was born in July 1881,42 and may very well indicate an illegitimate birth for Catherine. Although the birth occurred after the marriage, this birth has been tentatively attributed to her. John, a possible son of Christopher and Catherine, may have died in Corowa in 1904 and this death is the only evidence of any children having been born to the couple.

Another woman named Catherine FAGAN lived in Sydney at the same time so it may be that in January 1880 before her marriage, Catherine was using the name Kate or Catherine FAGAN.43 It is also possible that she was living at 71 Wells Street, Redfern, when she advertised for a servant to work in her 'small' family in December 1888.44 Some time after her marriage Kate may have been involved in an altercation for which she was eventually discharged. She may have appeared in Redfern court charged with malicious damage in October 1887, where she was identified as 'Australian'.45 She may also have been the woman charged with using obscene language in 189046 and in 1892.47 As Kate FAGAN she may have been the woman living in 54 Kensington Street, Balmain, in 1915.48

Kate died in early September 1923, at her address 40½49 McEvoy Street, Waterloo. She was referred to as the wife of Christopher FAGAN in her Funeral Notice. Her parents were recorded as John and Catherine on the NSW Death registration. She was buried in the Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood.50 Christopher died in July 192851 but only his brother, John, was mentioned in his funeral notice. His parents were recorded as Christopher and Mary A.


Catherine was the daughter of John KELLARD and his wife, Maria aka Mary. John and Maria and their six oldest children arrived in Queensland as assisted immigrants aboard the Montmorency in 1865. Their daughter, Catherine, arrived with them and was recorded on the Montmorency indent as an 11-year-old. No further details of the family were recorded on the indent.52 John and Mary, with two daughters, Mary Ann and Ellen, may have been living in Shadwell, St Paul, Stepney, Middlesex, England, in 1861. John and Mary were appropriate ages to those recorded on the indent three years later and both had been born in Ireland. The two children had been born in Stepney.53 The names of the two daughters match those of children known to be John and Mary's children but the ages of the girls are not exact matches. None of the other children have yet been located but, if this is the family, it is expected that they would be living somewhere in London and reasonably close by. An online tree identified that Catherine and her siblings54 had been born in Middlesex, England, even though John and Mary were from Ireland. Another tree indicated that Catherine had been born in Clerkenwell, London, in 1856.55 They had arrived in NSW by 1867 when their daughter Joanna was registered as KELARD.

John was recorded as the 38-year-old immigrant on the Montmorency indent in 1865.56 The family had travelled to NSW by 1867 when their daughter, Joanna KELARD, was born in Sydney.57 By 1877 John KELLARD was renting a property – a brick and stone shop with a slate roof – in Crown-street, Sydney.58 John died in 1885 after a fall59 and his wife, recorded as Mrs John KELLEARD, and son-in-law, Mr Christopher FAGAN, were identified in his Funeral Notice.

Mary appeared on the Montmorency indent in 1865 as the 33-year-old, Maria KELLARD.60 Her descendants identified that her maiden name was SLATTERY. She died in Sydney in 1889.

Confirming the identity of all the children for John and Mary is ongoing. The John KELARD charged with reckless driving in 1871 was almost certainly Catherine's brother61 and this was almost certainly the same man who was the father of the John Christopher KELLARD62 who was born in about 1892 and whose illegitimate birth was almost without doubt registered as John C. K. DILLON or GOUGH in 1891.63 A further daughter, who married as Bridget but was recorded on the NSW BDM Index as both Jane and Bridget Jane, was linked to Kate and Annie in Funeral Notices in 1901 when her husband died.64 Bridget aka Jane must have been born after the arrival of the family as she doesn't appear on the Montmorency indent and it may be that she was the girl registered in NSW as Johanna.

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