Husband Thomas McCORMACK b. m. d.
Wife b. m. d.
Son b. m. d.
Daughter b. m. d.

Thomas McCORMACK was appointed Clerk and Storekeeper at Newcastle on 16 September 1867.1 He was dismissed by Agnes KING on 7 April 1868. The reason for his dismissal is yet to be located but it seems likely that he created some unsettling undercurrent within the school. McCORMACK petitioned the Government after his dismissal and made claims that he believed that the school was being mismanaged. He reputedly had been given two months notice. He provided the Newcastle Pilot with accounts of punishments to the girls. The Newcastle Pilot and the Newcastle Chronicle waged a war of words about whether KING was controlling the institution correctly. HARRIS wrote a long letter which was published in the Newcastle Chronicle supporting KING and maintaining that not only had McCORMACK felt belittled at being subordinate to a woman but he wanted the superintendency if the school himself. HARRIS does not identify the girls of whose punishments McCORMACK claimed were unjust but one can be identified as Sarah Jane WILDGUST.2

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