Father George Carl aka Charles RUSSERT b.c. 1814 m. (1) bef. 1849 (2) 1857 d. 18771
Mother Margaretha REAL b.c. 1810 m. bef. 1849 d. 18572
Step-mother Eva JARY b. m. 18573 d. 19004
Brother Jacob Rhiel Rupert RUSSART b.c. 18355 m. 18636 Margaret KENNEDY d. 19127
Inmate Eve aka Mary Eva Jane RUSCAT b. 18538 m. 1877 (see below) d. 19289
Half-brother William RUSSERT b. 185910 m. (1) 187811 (2) 190612 (1) Mary Helen or Ellen RUSSELL (2) Winifred KING d. 193713
Husband William KENT b. m. 187714 d.

Eva was admitted to the Newcastle school as Eve RUSSART on 26 November 1868, from Parramatta court. No record has yet been found of Eve's court appearance and to date no records from Parramatta or Penrith courts have been found to have been reported in newspapers on Trove. On Eve's admittance to the school, she was reading the third book and writing in a copybook which was a one of the highest levels of education recorded in the school. The Entrance Book recorded her age as fifteen and she was recorded as a Protestant.15 Eve was named in CLARKE’s list of girls eligible for apprenticeship on 15 December 1869, where she was recorded as having been in the school for one year and two months and was seventeen years old.16 Eva was discharged from the school as an apprentice to Mr J. A. SMITH of Maitland17 on 19 February 1870.18 These indentures were for a year but were cancelled as Eva complained of bad treatment and she was returned to Newcastle on 28 August 1870. CLARKE applied to transfer the indentures to Mr George BOWDEL of Murrurundi for seven shillings a week. He commented that Eva was 'fully eighteen years of age.'19

In Orange in 1877, Eva, as Mary Eva Jane RUSSARL, married William KENT and the marriage was registered at Orange. William was still alive in 1903 when he and Eva placed and In Memoriam notice for the death of Eva's half-brother, William's wife, Mary Hellen (PETTY), who had died on 26 December 1902. Also mentioned in the notices were Mary's husband, William, and their children Eva, Tilly, Daisy, Carl, Leonard and Linda. A separate notice was place by her children, William and Jinney. The registration named no parents and was in the name of May E. RUSSETT.20 It may very well be that after Mary's death Eva assisted in raising her children. Eva was further linked to her half-brother, William RUSSETT, in the Funeral Notice for his second wife, Winifred, in 1921.21 In this notice Mrs Eva KENT was named as Winifred's sister but marriage records indicated that they were sisters-in-law. It is possible but unconfirmed that William KENT died on 12 August 1923, at his residence, Uruga, Ashley-street, Hornsby, where he was described as having formerly lived at Wallabadah, at the age of 86 years.22 This death has been attributed to him but it has not been verified with the actual registration. It is also unusual that only Eva was mentioned in a Funeral Notice two years previously so it may be that William died between 1903 and 1821.

Prior to her death Eva was living with her half-brother's daughter and her niece, Eva A. M. RUSSETT, who had married Samuel TAYLOR in 1906.23 Eva died as Mary E. J. KENT nee RUSSART on 9 March 1928,24 at the Home of Peace in Marrickville at the age of 76.25 Her death registration recorded that she died of a cerebral haemorrhage, paraplegia and bed sores. She had never had children. The informant was William MOORE, who was no relation, but Eva's death was certified by Eva TAYLOR, her niece, of 52 Middle Street, South Kensington. Eva was buried in the Church of England Cemetery, Randwick, the following day.26 When her niece, Eva TAYLOR died in 1962, she was also buried in the same grave as her aunt.27


The Entrance Book named Eva's father as Charles but contained no record of the name of her mother which strongly suggested that she was dead even though this wasn’t stated. Eva’s baptism was registered as Eve RUSCAT in 1853 where her father was recorded as Charles and her mother was recorded as Margaret. Eva was born on 13 January, and was baptized on 13 February 1853, in the Catholic Church in Parramatta by Nicholas JOSEPH. Her father was recorded as a labourer of Prospect and because the record was Catholic, her mother’s maiden name was recorded. This record does contradict the notation in the Entrance Book that Eva was Protestant and it is unknown whether this religion indicated a clerical error or whether Eva had changed her religion prior to her admission.

The surname RUSSART has become Anglicised and records for Eva's half-brother, William, are recorded with the surname RUSSETT which is the spelling that has been adopted by William's descendants as neither Eva or her older brother, Jacob, ever had children. Immigration records, supported by the research of descendants, indicate that the father of Eva and her brothers although he was known as Charles, arrived in NSW as Carl. As George Karl or Carl RUSSERT he arrived with his wife, forty-one-year old Margaretha, and his son, fourteen-year-old Jacob, aboard the Beulah in 1849. The Beulah carried vine dressers from Germany. He was thirty-five. After Margaretha’s death as Margaret RUSSET in 1857, Charles remarried Eva JARY and they had one son, William. Charles died in Parramatta in 1877 and Eva died in Randwick in October 1900.28

Eva's older brother, Jacob, drove the stagecoach between Parramatta and Bathurst and operated public-houses,29 moving steadily west to finally settle in Blayney where he became a publican and alderman. Nothing has yet been found in his obituaries to link to his sister. While Eve married in Orange, it has not been confirmed where she finally lived and she appeared to have keep closer ties with her half-brother, William, rather than her brother, Jacob, who was a generation older.

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