Emily Alice WARD
Name Variations WAUGH1
Father James WARD b. 18062 m. 18323 d. 18664
Mother Bridget BUCKLEY b. 18135 m. 1832 d. 18776
Sister Eliza Frances WARD b. 18357 m. 18528 Edward SHREWSBURY9 d. 188810
Sister Rebecca WARD b. 183711 m. 185712 William BEATTON d. 187613
Sister Ann E. WARD b. 184314 m. 186215 Thomas McMAHON d. 188316
Sister Caroline Augusta WARD b. 184617 m. 186218 James LOMAX19 d. 189820
Brother James F. E. WARD b. 184921 m. d. 191322
Sister Mary L. WARD b. 185223 m. none - d. 185624
Inmate Emily Alice WARD b. 185525 m. 1874 (see below) d. 191926
Brother Albert WARD27 b. m. d.
Husband Charles Henry BROWN b. m. 187428 d. 192129
Daughter Emily Bridget. A. BROWN b. 187830 m. d. 194631
Daughter Caroline Harriet L. BROWN b. 187932 m. 190833 John H. WILLIAMS d. 194634
Son Charles Robert H. BROWN b. 188135 m. none - d. 188336
Daughter Ellen Ada BROWN b. 188437 m. 190338 Herbert A. SHEWAN d. 193639
Daughter Amelia BROWN b. 188640 m. 190341 William HART d. 195242
Daughter Rebecca S. BROWN b. 188743 m. 190544 Arthur L. BRADY d. 194745
Son Robert C. BROWN b. 188946 m. none - d. 189047
Daughter Irene P. BROWN b. 189448 m. none - d. 189449

Emily was reported to be fifteen when she appeared in Court on 19 January 1871. Comparing the date of her birth and arrest indicated that she would have turned sixteen in four months. Her name was reported in the newspapers as Emily WAUGH50 but the Police Gazette provided the surname of WARD. Confirmation that WARD is her correct surname can only be made through the letters located in the CSIL. Emily had been arrested in Sydney on warrant by constable ATWELL, and charged with being under sixteen and living with common prostitutes.51 In court her sister, Ann McMAHON, stated that Emily had left home a week earlier without her consent or knowledge. Ann believed that Emily associated with prostitutes and had no lawful or visible means of support so Emily was sent to Newcastle. There is no record of Emily's admission as details in the Entrance Book are missing for this period therefore family details, religion, educational standards and discharge details can't be confirmed from this source.

Emily transferred with the school to Biloela in May 1871. She was reported to be in the school hospital with an undisclosed illness in LUCAS’s report on 7 August 1871.52 In his report on 22 January 1872,53 LUCAS reported that Emily had been responsible for bad behaviour on 16 January. He wrote to the Colonial Secretary explaining that on 18 January, Emily and Ellen JOHNSTON were confined to the quadrangle for fourteen days as punishment for

being on the beach with the Intention of Bathing in the River contrary to express injunctions.54

In his communication to the Colonial Secretary on 25 February 1872, LUCAS reported that Emily had been discharged as an apprentice.55 She had been discharged on 14 February to Mr BRAY[?] at Berrima.56 No further details of this apprenticeship have yet been located but because Emily was nearly seventeen at the date of this apprenticeship, it was probably for a period of just over a year.

Two years later, on 14 March 1874, as Emily Alice WARD, she married Charles Henry BROWN in Sydney.57 The couple had at least eight children but none of her sons are recorded as surviving infancy. Emily was living at Kent and Druitt Streets when her sister, Annie, died.58 Her death was recorded in 1919 as Emily Alice BROWN on the NSW BDM Index where her parents were confirmed.59 Many of Emily's married daughters were identified in her Funeral Notices.60 Her death was registered in Auburn and she was reported to have been buried on 9 June 1919, at Rookwood.61 No burial details for Emily have yet been located on the Rookwood Cemetery Transcriptions CD. Charles H. BROWN died in Sydney on 7 May 1921. His parents were recorded on the NSW BDM Index as John and Ellen. He had worked at the Sun office.62 The Family Notice for his funeral confirmed the married surnames of his daughters.63 The 1940 burial for Charles Henry BROWN, identified by descendants in online trees as Emily's husband, locates a Rookwood headstone for a man whose wife, Catherine, died in 1906. Their grave also contains the remains of a woman named Martha DAVIS who died in 1930 at the age of 76.64 Family Notices for this man are placed by children who are not able to be identified as connected to Charles and Emily65 so the 1940 death registration on the NSW BDM Index is not that of Emily's husband.


Identifying Emily’s parents is possible by tracing her sister, Ann McMAHON, who appeared with her in court. Ann WARD had married the farrier, Thomas McMAHON in Sydney in 1862.66 When Annie McMAHON died in 1883,67 her husband, brother, James, and brother-in-law, Charles BROWN, placed funeral notices in the newspapers.68 Ann's parents were recorded as James and Bridget.

James WARD and Bridget BUCKLEY were married in St Phillip's Sydney, on 17 April 1832, by William COWPER. The witnesses were John WARD and Mary BURCHUM.69 James was a mariner.70 James and Bridget had both been born in NSW and descendants have identified that they had both been born in Sydney.71 Their youngest daughter, Emily Alice, was born on 19 May 1855, and was baptised on 17 June 1855, by the Reverend Edward SYNGE[?] for William COWPER. Her father was again confirmed as a mariner living in Prince Street.72

A well researched online tree identified that James died in Sydney on 29 October 1866, after a fall from a balcony.73 His niece, Matilda ROCKWELL nee WARD,74 gave evidence at his inquest. This woman remarried John DUFFY in 187975 and died in Sydney in 1919. Online trees indicate that she was the daughter of John WARD, the witness at James's marriage, and Sarah COLLINS. John and James WARD were sons of the convicts James WARD and Mary LONG.76 It must be considered that James's death was the stressor leading to Emily's admission to Newcastle.

Bridget BUCKLEY was the daughter of the convicts Patrick BUCKLEY and Mary KELLY. Bridget died at Emily's home on 20 October 1877.77 She was sixty-four. James is not named in any Funeral Notice yet located for Bridget.

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