Name Variations Lyma, Llima
Father Charles WRIGHT b. 1836 m. 18571 d.
Mother Hannah BASS b. 1833 m. 1857 d. aft. 18712
Inmate Lima WRIGHT b. 18583 m. 1879 (see below) d. 18974
Brother Walter WRIGHT b. 1862 m. d.
Brother Thomas WRIGHT b. m. d. 19215
Husband James MULVENA b. 1857 m. 18796 d. 19197
Son Louisa WRIGHT b. 18768 m. none - d. 18769
Daughter Martha Ann MULVENA b. 188010 m. none - d. 188011
Daughter Robertina Mary MULVENA b. 188112 m. 191413 Bertie L. R. GRAINGER d. 197014
Daughter Isabella Hannah MULVENA b. 188315 m. 189916 George STANDING d. 195817
Son William Thomas MULVENA b. 188518 m. 191719 Muriel V. A. BROWN d. 197020
Son Henry Robert MULVENA21 b. 188722 m. 192223 Nellie CALVETTI d. 194424
Daughter Edith Helen MULVENA b. 188925 m. 191526 Eric N. MACKNEY d. 197527
Son Charles Guy MULVENA b. 189228 m. 192729 Sybella M. CURRIE d. 197330
Daughter Gertrude Ellen MULVENA b. 189431 m. (1) 191432 (2) 192533 (1) Patrick James Harold34 CURRY (2) William ELLIOTT d. 196935

Reports of the arrest of Llima [sic] WRIGHT by constables LENHAN and BRENNAN of Araluen Police appear in the Police Gazettein September 1870, where her given name was erroneously spelled.36 Lima had been arrested on warrant under the Industrial Schools Act and charged with having no visible lawful means of support. Only a newspaper report of her court appearance in Araluen will shed light on the circumstances of her arrest. It is unknown whether Lima's parents were in the Araluen area at the time of her arrest but it is thought that her mother was alive. She was identified in the correspondence for the industrial school as Lyma WRIGHT. The spelling, Lima, used on her birth registration in 1858 has been used in this record.

Lima was admitted to Newcastle on 16 August 1870,37 but as her name appeared in the missing section of the Entrance Book, no confirmation of any personal information is available from this source. Lima transferred to Biloela in May 1871, and the transfer list recorded that she was a Protestant and confirmed that she was thirteen.38 In his communication to the Colonial Secretary on 25 February 1872,39 LUCAS reported that Lima had been discharged as an apprentice and his April 1872 list indicated that her date of discharge was 14 February 1872, and that she was apprenticed to 'A. CAMPBELL, R. River.'40 The letter informing the Colonial Secretary of her discharge confirmed that 'she had uniformly conducted herself well' and had been apprenticed for four years to Alexander CAMPBELL and 'R. River' referred to the Richmond River on the North Coast of NSW. She was to be paid one shilling a week for the first year; two shillings a week for the next two years and three shillings a week for her final year.41 While attempts were often made by the superintendents – if the police reports were favourable – to apprentice girls to locations from whence they had come or to areas where their family was located, because of the tendency for LUCAS to not follow convention42 so it cannot be assumed that Lima's parents were also on the north coast of NSW.

As Lima WRIGHT she registered the birth of an unnamed illegitimate daughter on the Richmond River in 1876 but this child died as Luisa WRIGHT later that year. Three years later as Lena WRIGHT she married James MULVENA on the Richmond River. Lima and James remained on the north coast and had at eight children. Lima died on 15 December 1897, at Uralba, near Ballina.43 Lima’s death registration verified her parents' names. After her death James remarried Margaret HOLWAY and had a further daughter, Ellen Frances MULVENA, in 1905. James died in Queensland in 1919.44


Lima was born on 20 February 1858,45 and was the daughter of Charles WRIGHT and Hannah BASS. Her parents had married in Newport, England, in June 1857 so had only recently arrived in Australia at the time Lima had been born. It is considered likely that many of the births of children of this couple were not registered. All letters relating to Lima in the CSIL index have been viewed so no further details of her or her family are immediately evident in this source. Charles WRIGHT and Hannah HARVEY who had married in Sydney in 1843 have been attributed by some online trees as Lima's parents but these trees are incorrect and therefore unreliable.

Charles WRIGHT had been born in Newport, England, in about 1836. He was a labourer. He and Hannah had arrived aboard the Washington Irving in September 1857 and the indent identified that his parents were William and Martha WRIGHT who were both still living in Newport. He was a member of the Independent Church.46 Charles had almost certainly abandoned his family by the time of Lima's arrest as it was stated on the Vernon admission for Lima's likely brother, Walter, that it was unknown whether his unnamed father was still alive.47 No clear death can be identified for Charles on the NSW BDM Index. Charles' sister Emma, was also was aboard the Washington Irving as the wife of Henry SMITH. The religion and her recorded parents on the indent match those recorded for Charles.48

The Washington Irving indent indicated that Hannah had been born in Thaxted, Essex, in about 1833. Her parents were identified on the indent as James and Elizabeth who were still living in Essex.49 Hannah was probably alive in January 1871 some months after Lima's arrest50 but has not been located after this time. A woman with these parents died in Auburn, Sydney, in 1916 but there is no proof yet found that this was her death.51

It is almost without doubt that the eight-year-old Walter WRIGHT who was arrested52 and who appeared in Araluen Police Court on 21 January 1871, was Lima's brother but it is considered very likely. His religion and mother identified on his Vernon admission report match family details identified for Lima. The record read:

Walter Wright
That he is without any visible lawful means of support & in the habit of prowling about Araluen at all hours of the night and frequenting disorderly houses or places of bad repute.
Araluen, 19 January 1871. Henry Burne P.M.
born September 1862 Mother's statement Protestant can neither read nor write character good health good Hannah Wright Araluen in destitute circumstances no knowledge as to whether father is living. not able to support.
Henry Burne P.M.53

The details of this admission confirm that Hannah was alive in January 1871. Walter doesn't appear on either of the Vernon parental support lists compiled respectively in August and November 1871,54 and this is unusual. Walter was admitted to the Vernon, on 20 February 1871, and his admission should have been for at least a year. The fiche of admissions provided no further information about him. It was indicated that at the time of his admission that Hannah was destitute and unable to support him, therefore it can't be explained why he was not listed six months later. The CSIL Index has been viewed for information about Charles, Walter and Hannah. There are no letters referring to Charles and the letters referring to Hannah and Walter are yet to be retrieved.

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