Charlotte A. YOUNG
Name Variations alias Charlotte A. SMITH, aka Charlotte Elizabeth, Elizabeth YOUNG
Father b. m. d.
Mother b. m. d.
Inmate Charlotte YOUNG b.c. 1858 m. (see below) d.
Relationship Name Age Height Hair Eyes Complexion Build Distinguishing features
Inmate Charlotte1 20 tall brown fresh good-looking; black dress & black hat trimmed with pink rose

Note: It is believed that there is no connection between Charlotte A. YOUNG alias SMITH and the sisters Sarah and Charlotte YOUNG aka SMITH who were all admitted to Newcastle during the same month and these admissions were coincidence. Differentiating between the two admissions named Charlotte YOUNG aka SMITH is ongoing. It is only very remotely possible that they were sisters with one using an assumed name. There is a separate biography for Charlotte YOUNG whose sister was Sarah.

Charlotte A. YOUNG was admitted to Newcastle from Penrith2 on 19 January 1870, two weeks after the sisters, Sarah and Charlotte YOUNG aka SMITH, were admitted from Sydney. Details for this admission named Charlotte once appeared in the missing section of the Entrance Book so her age, trial location, family, religion and educational details are unavailable from this source. Charlotte was almost invariably identified in the records of the Newcastle Industrial School as Charlotte A. and with the surname YOUNG alias SMITH.3 There has never been any reference yet found for the middle name beginning with 'A' recorded in industrial school records. It is thought that Charlotte A. was the eldest of the two girls named Charlotte YOUNG because she was discharged first. While it is possible that administrators were confused between the two girls who were the same age and who were admitted in the same month, it is not thought that this occurred.

Attempts were made by LUCAS as early as 28 November 1871, to find an apprenticeship for Charlotte A. He had arranged and received permission from the Colonial Secretary to apprentice her to William FOURER, J.P., of Campbelltown, but as FOURER was unwilling to make any payment, another apprenticeship needed to be arranged arranged with A. SPROWL of Goulburn. Charlotte A. was to be apprenticed for three years and was to be paid two shillings a week for the first two years and three shillings a week during her final year.4 The April 1872 list, compiled by LUCAS from the Entrance Book, recorded that Charlotte had been discharged on 15 January 1872, to T. P. SPROUL, in Goulburn5 and in his report on 22 January 1872, LUCAS confirmed her apprenticeship.6

It is believed that the Charlotte YOUNG who had been arrested in Penrith in 1876 for theft is the girl who had been admitted as Charlotte A.7 even though this identification is based only on circumstantial evidence. The NSW Police Gazette in 1876, reporting on this theft, indicated that the suspect Charlotte YOUNG may have fled to either Penrith or Goulburn8 and these two locations identified the place of arrest and the place of apprenticeship for the girl admitted as Charlotte A. YOUNG.

Because this incident occurred with the surname YOUNG, it is believed more likely that this was the surname used by this admission.

There are three marriages after 1900 that may be appropriate but all are very late so are considered unlikely. The 19109 marriage in Rockdale to Albert HARRINGTON, the 190310 marriage to Robert F. Stanley in Forbes or the 190811 marriage to Leslie FOWLER in Wickham.


If the birth of the child Charlotte Ann YOUNG alias Charlotte Ann SMITH had been registered in NSW, because she had been arrested in the Penrith area and was about the same age as the other Charlotte YOUNG who had been born in 1858, the most likely registrations occur only as Charlotte SMITH. There are no birth registrations recorded with the name of YOUNG.

1855 in Sydney: Father: James; Mother: Catherine: V18554028 42B/1855
1856 in Sydney: Father: Richard E.; Mother: Mary A. V18561457 142A/1856
1858 in Campbelltown: Father: William; Mother: Catherine: 6114/1858
1860 in Sydney: Father: John; Mother: Phillis: 1587/1860 as Charlotte A. SMITH

The birth registered in 1855 (V18553064 31A/1855) to William B. and Eliza SMITH occurred in Melbourne so is considered extremely unlikely.

Where has She Gone?

Tracing possible marriages for Charlotte A. is ongoing.

No registered marriage before 1900 recorded that of Charlotte as the 189712 marriage to John ANDREWS in Balmain North was for a woman born in Kingston on Thames in 1869 so this woman is too young to be the Newcastle admission.

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